Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sneek Peek Sunday 2

Continuing the sneak peek from Chapter 9 of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX...

They fell asleep with her snuggled under his arm, her head on his chest. It was pitch black in the room when Leah sat up suddenly, gripped with terror. She wasn’t sure where she was at first, but when her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw Jonathan on the bed next to her and relaxed.
He was stirring. “Do you feel all right, Leah? You’ve been tossing around for hours.”
“Hold me Jonathan. Hold me until I fall asleep again.”
He pulled her to him, but this time the snuggling wasn’t enough for Leah. She needed more. She pulled his hand down between her thighs and reached for him.
“Are you sure, Leah?”
Leah was trembling. “Oh yes. I’m sure. I need this now.”
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  1. What a way to wake up ;c) Great Peek!

    Here's my #SneakPeekSunday, it's from my current WIP, Desires' Guardian

    Tempe ✿ܓ

    1. Thanks so much, Tempeste! Loved your peek...had some issues with a headache myself this morning, though likely for different reasons than you character ;-)

  2. Sweet and emotional. Great sneak peek!

  3. Nice peek! Sometimes you need more than a snuggle.

    (My peek is over at My wordpress login defaults to my other blog.)