Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hump Day Hook

Heat up Hump Day with a tantalizing hook for readers...a challenge I take with a group of other authors.

Here's an excerpt from from Chapter 22 of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX where we join Roxie Stein in the shower:

Before rinsing, Roxie took her specially formulated feminine cleansing lotion off the shelf. Squirting some in her palm, she began to gently wash between her legs. She closed her eyes and leaned against the cool tile of the shower stall. She rotated her fingers over her sensitive area, letting her body wake up inside as well as out. She pressed the small of her back against the tile and rotated her hips as she felt her juices flowing. Moaning, she placed two fingers of one hand inside herself, while reaching for the handheld extension of the showerhead with the other. The pulsating pressure of the jets between her legs and the friction of her fingers brought her close to orgasm, but she wasn’t quite there. Growing impatient, she wrapped her legs around the showerhead, pressing it hard against herself with the jets directed at the pleasure points. “Yes, yes, yes. Finally!” she shrieked.
Now that you've to your juices flowing, be sure to hop over and read some more Hump Day Hooks!


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  2. Glad to see she got there in the end... :P

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    1. Thanks, Flossie! Glad you came to visit ;-)

  4. And I thought she was going to be interrupted! A satisfying hook!

    1. An interruption...great idea! I'm going to see how I could fit that in to the book I'm writing now. Just think of the possibilities! :-) Thanks for stopping by!