Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday 4

This week's Sneak Peak is from chapter 15 of THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX.

“Get out. Get the fuck out.” Leah pushed Tom out of her room and slammed the door. She listened to the sound of his boots on the steps as he made his way down the stairs and out the front door. She heard him gun his engine and pull out of her life forever.

Leah leaned her forehead against the door she just slammed and wrapped her arms around herself. She felt like she needed to hold herself together. If she didn’t, her insides were going to fall out. When she couldn’t hold on any longer, she turned and slid down to the floor. She pressed her back against the door, trying to keep the pain out, but she lost the battle. She grabbed one of the throw pillows that had fallen near the door and held it against her chest with her bent knees. Rocking back and forth with her arms wrapped around her knees, Leah cried until she felt there was nothing left inside her.
When one door closes, does another one open? Find out...
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